10 kva Static stabilizer


    • Standard House and Apartment
    • Dental Equipment
    • Hair Removal Devices
    • GSM stations
    • Industrial refrigerators
    • Loudspeaker – Sound systems

Artsan brand 10 KVA Static Stabilizer; It is used to supply the connected devices with stable energy against unbalance in the mains voltage. Single-phase input, single-phase output. It has ease of use with its input plug cable and 3 output sockets.

It is manufactured from thyristor-thyristor module semiconductor materials. Microprocessor controlled. The correction speed is 5.000 V / sec since it makes correction as a result of the samples made in 20 m sec periods. Makes regulation by DAA method. In case of failure of the regulator with the help of by-pass pako switch on it continues to work. Fuse is used for protection against overcurrent.

Protection against instantaneous peak voltage jumps in the network is provided with the help of input and output filters used in 10 KVA static regulator.

Input and output voltages are monitored by LCD panel. In addition, the past 10 fault information can be accessed.

Fanless cooling is done. It does not contain any mechanical parts so it can operates silently.

It can be easily transported with the help of carrying handle because it is light and small in size.

Size : 24 x 25 x 32 cm

Weight : 22 kg

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