Standing or panel type rectifier

Standing or panel type rectifier

Rectifier; It is used for power supply, supply and charging of Devices that operate with the DC current or DC voltage.

ARTSAN Energy rectifier; Monophase or three-phase input and it has the very low wave factor thanks to the LC filter used in the output, full-wave rectifier type. Three phase input rectifiers are produced as standard 6 pulses, if lower ripple is preferred, 12 pulses and 18 pulses can be produced. If it is required, half wave rectifier production is available.

Output voltage options are 12 VDC – 24 VDC – 48 VDC – 110 VDC – 220 VDC – 500 VDC. If required, it can be produced at non-standard voltages. Output current is produced between minimum 5A and maximum 500A. The network has high output, short circuit, overcurrent, overvoltage, overtemperature and optionally earth DC leakage protection.

The rectifiers, which are offered for sale as Artsan brand, are thyristor controlled and the voltage of the grid is reduced with the help of an isolated transformer. It ensures stable output voltage with thyristors triggered at an appropriate angle. Although there are mosfet or IGBT controlled SMPS types as required, isolated transformer thyristor controlled rectifiers are especially recommended because of their strength structure.

Cooling operations are carried out with natural air cooling at low power and cooling with fan at high power. Therefore, rectifier oil is not used because it is completely dry type.

Rectifier Specifications

The output voltage, output current, input voltage, input frequency, battery voltage and battery temperature information of the device can be monitored on the 4×20 line LCD screen of the rectifiers / rectifiers produced by ARTSAN Energy. Battery-powered Bar-24 (Aar24) and battery-powered Bar-110 (Aar110) models are used in power generation companies, concrete kiosks, substations, for secondary protection and to provide uninterrupted supply of cells. Bar-24 and Bar-110 rectifier models with battery have 7AH, 18 AH, 26 AH, 40 AH, 55 AH and other battery options.

Artsan, as a rectifier brand, maintains its position among the best rectifier manufacturers by following the technology with its R & D team, continuously developing its products and producing special solutions for the place of use.

Check the following models to make the appropriate selection of rectifiers. In order to get more information about rectifiers, to determine the suitable rectifiers for your company and to get the price of rectifiers, please contact our company and our technical and sales staff will help you.


Battery charge graph

Rectifier Battery Charging Chart

The charge graph of one of the battery charging methods used in our rectifiers is shown in the following diagram. Please contact Artsan for more information on charging charts.