Isolated Transformer

Isolated transformer, insulation transformers

Isolated transformer, insulation transformers

Isolated transformers or insulation transformers; It is used to reduce or increase the mains voltage and to isolate the mains and load. Transformers are produced depending on the insulation type; a- Isolated transformer (galvanic isolation transformers) and b- auto transformers (used for raising or increasing voltage without isolation), Depending on the number of phases a- monophase, b- triphase, and according to core type; They are produced as a-mantel and b-toroidal transformers. Isolated transformers are also referred to as coastal transformers, separation transformers or insulation transformers in the ship sector.

Artsan transformers are used as cores between 9,000 – 17,000 gauss, 0,20mm – 0,65 mm thickness silicon steel sheets and windings depending on user preference, class H, copper, aluminum and CCA wires are used. Transformers do not work in the saturation zone since the calculations are made by considering the graph B (t) / H (t) during the design. In the transformer windings, flat and round wires are used, as well as transformer options using foil winding technique.

Production Steps of Transformer

CE certified transformers, winding and sheeting process is completed after the vacuum is taken in the air gap and varnishing is subjected to the process. After varnishing, it is dried in the oven at high temperature. Thus, by preventing mechanical vibrations caused by magnetic field, the heat generated in the transformers further reduced, the loss is reduced to a minimum, the service life is extended.

A grounding transformers are a special type of isolated transformers that is used in case the neutral ground voltage cannot be pulled to the desired level despite the grounding in the enterprises. In businesses that use grounding transformers, the neutral-ground voltage is reduced to less than 1V tun. In addition, the user is given an audible warning when the ground level is higher than the required value with a special warning circuit. Optionally, this audible warning can be canceled with the help of a button.

Artsan transformers, Toroidal transformers: Our toroidal transformers R & D for medical and CNCs has been completed and started to be sold. Toroidal transformers are more efficient and are especially recommended for sensitive devices. Information about toroidal transformers will be published on our web site soon.

Custom Isolated Transformers Production

Depending on the user’s preference, we have special type transformer production for different frequency applications, different voltage and current applications. When you contact our company and share the necessary information about the special transformer you need, you will surely find a solution with suitable transformers prices.

To determine the product that suits your needs, autotrafo, transformer calculation, transformer winding, power calculation and isolation transformers to learn why, please see the following models.

Transformer Models We Produce

monofaze izole trafo fiyatları ve öeşitleri
Monophase (1 Phase)
Isolated Transformers

It is used to isolate mains power or to reduce and increase mains voltage. Panel and machine …

Trifaze İzole trafo fiyat ve teknik özellikleri
Triphase (3 Phase)
Isolated Transformers

It is used to isolate mains power or to reduce and increase mains voltage. Panel and machine …

Marin tip trafo fiyatı ve teknik özellikleri hakkında bilgi
Marine Type
Isolated Transformers

They should be designed in accordance with the heavy use conditions used in shipyards and ships. On the ships …

Servo motor sürücü trafo fiyatları ve özellikleri
Driver Transformers

It is used to reduce the mains voltage from 380 V to 220 V in servo motors. It is 3 phase.

Monofaze ve Trifaze Ototrafolar fiyat ve üzellikleri
Auto Type 1 Phase and
3 Phase Transformers

It is used only in areas where there is a need to lower or raise the voltage, when insulation is not required …

Kutulu tip trafo satış fiyatı ve teknik detay
Boxed Type
Isolated Transformers

Box type which is installed in the cabin in accordance with CE standards in accordance with the request of the user ….