What is a Transformer?

What is transformer?

What is transformer and what is it doing:It can be stated that the energy source having the alternative mark is the industrial products used for changing the amplitude of the current or voltage. As it can be understood from the definition, transformer cannot be used in energy sources having DC mark.

The transformer is divided into two groups as current transformers and voltage transformers.

What is current transformer? :

It performs the function of obtaining the voltage according to the ratio required by the secondary by passing the cables to which the energy source having the alternative sign are transmitted in a toroidal transformer.

What is a voltage transformer?:

It performs the function of reducing and increasing the mains voltage. There are two types depending on the number of phases. Single-phase transformer and three-phase transformer. There are also two types of Toroidal type and mantel type transformers depending on the core structure.

What is Shock Transformer?:

Shock transformers are products that are outside the definition of standard transformer. So these transformers do not transform the amplitude of the ac signal. The function of the shock transformers is connected in series or parallel to the line and resist the changes of current or voltage of the connected energy source.

The quality of the transformer is determined by the siliceous sheets used in the core. There are silicon steel sheets with values between 7.000 Gauss and 24.000 Gauss in the market. The higher the Gauss value, the higher the transformer quality, the less the loss. However, this has a serious impact on the cost of the transformer.

Other types of transformers: In today’s technology, ferrite core transformers have been developed to transform voltage or current amplitudes of energy sources with higher frequency alternative signals. These transformers are very small in size and very light in weight and they offer significant advantages as yield.

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