Servo Stabilizer prices

Servo stabilizer (Automatic voltage stabilizer); It is a traditional and widely used regulator type. It makes regulation (correction) with the help of variac, motor and buster transformer. It is used in households, factories, hospitals, wherever there are electrical machines, it is used for correcting the mains voltage and it is also used with UPSs. With microprocessor control, stable output is obtained by sampling the output voltage as TRUE RMS and selecting the correct correction speed.

Stabilizer with phase – neutral correction options in 110-230V, 140 – 240V, 160 – 250V, 180 – 260V ranges are preferred depending on the mains voltage. As standard; Stabilizer with phase-neutral 160 – 250V (phase – phase 275 – 430 VAC) regulation range are produced. When choosing the correction band of the regulator, it is useful to measure the mains voltage regularly at stabilizer intervals and to decide on the result. Because the choice of stabilizer with unnecessarily wide correction band means unnecessary overpayment due to the cost of materials used.


Depending on the type of manufacture, the correction rates are low compared to static regulators and are between 50V / sec and 100V / sec.The variac motor is controlled by mosfet and the correction speeds can reach up to 200V / sec.

Artsan stabilizer; Optionally, it has low voltage, high voltage, over current, over heat protections. Variac windings must be copper windings as standard. However, buster transformer can be preferred as copper or aluminum winding.

Please check the following types of regulators to make the appropriate servo stabilizer choice.

Servo Voltage Stabilizer Product Groups

Monophase (1 phase)
Servo stabilizer

1 phase servo regulators are mainly used in residential buildings. The motor is regulated by means of a variac-buster transformer. Output voltage …

Monofaze ve Trifaze servo regülatör-Enerji analizörlü-12x16
Three Phase (3Phase)
Servo Stabilizer

3 phase servo regulators, mostly used in the industry where three-phase electricity is present, are provided with the help of microprocessor control board.

Servo Regülatör (Ekonomik tip 30 kVA)-12x16
Economic Type
Servo Regulators

Servo regulators that make correction with the help of DC motor and variak are produced as three-phase and single-phase. Buffer transformer at powers above 5 kVA …

Servo Regülatör- Sütun Varyak -500 KVA iç görünüş-12x16
Servo Stabilizer With Isolated Transformer

Conventional variants are produced by winding onto a toroidal core. The regulator with column variants is on the rectangular core.

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