Test Units – Test Devices

Test cihazları (PLC kontrollü)

Test device (75 KVA Auto Adjustable)

Test Units are produced with high current or low current depend on the equipment to be tested. Devices with low current capacity (less than 500A); It is used to perform performance tests under various voltages (0-600V range) of the products in the test laboratories of factories or industrial companies producing industrial electrical devices.

Variac and thyristor controlled can be produced upon request. While the output voltage change from thyristor controlled test device is in the order of 3V, the voltage change in variac controlled ones is 5V. Optionally, lower (0.1 VAC) voltage level is suitable for production.

Adjustable constant current supply machines are controlled with 0-10VDC or 4-20 mA. Changes at the set current value are stabilized by the microprocessor control card. Output voltage or current setting options are also available with potentionmeter and push button.

Isolated transformers are available for safety purposes during testing.

Since it has a very wide spectrum, the needs are determined through contact with the customer. Circuit diagrams, assembly diagrams and operating principles are reported and shared with the user. Production starts with approval.

It has the possibility of setting the output voltage with the button, PLC and PC. TFT panel, LCD, digital or analog voltmeter, digital or analog ammeter and similar options can be monitored depend on  the needs and demands of the users.

 Test Device for Short Circuit and High Current Injection

Areas of application of high current injection test units; protection relays at high current ratings (greater than 500A) are used to test the current carrying capacity of switchgear (fuses, compact switches, contactors, etc.). The test surfaces of high current switchgear materials, low and medium voltage panels and cables are tested. It is also used to test the winding number of high current transformers. Tests that can be performed: (Short-time impact current strength test, temperature rise test, electrical life test, overload performance test, short circuit breaking capacity test)

Our company, which has a wide portfolio of test equipment, has completed the battery test device R & D studies and will be available for sale very soon. Please contact us for battery tester requests.


Gerilim Ayarlı Varyak- Manuel- 2 kva-12x16
1 Phase Adjustable Voltage Source

Single-phase testers with variac; are used for testing the products of companies producing home or office electrical devices

Test Cihazı (400 kVA 0-600 VAC Ayarlı Güç Kaynağı)-12x16
3 Phase Adjustable Voltage Source

It is used in the testing laboratories of the factories that produce industrial electrical devices or the companies that produce motors.

Ayarlı DC-AC çıkışlı test cihazı-12x16
DC Voltage and DC Current Source

It is used to test the devices working with DC voltage. It is produced with thyristor or variant control. It has manual or automatic adjustment options.

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