What is Variac? Column - boxed variac (30 kVA Variac)

What is Variac? Column – boxed variac

Variac is a type of adjustable autotrafo used to regulate or reduce the AC mains voltage.

Variac Types

There are two types.Toroidal variac 2- Column type variac.

The round core is used in the toroidal variac type and the square core is used in the columnar variac type. Variant Core is produced from silicon steel sheets with values between 10,000 – 22,000 gausse. The windings are wrapped around the core by pressing enamelled copper wires. A surface of the copper winding is removed from the isolated with the help of an abrasive. The output voltage is obtained by conducting it over the insulated copper wires with the conductor attached to the round wheel in the form of coal. When changing the output voltage, there is no interruption in the voltage. It has a setting range of 0 -220 VAC or 0-250VAC. It is produced between 1 KVA and 15 KVA as standard. Variac production can be made at higher power and higher voltages upon request.

Where is Variant used

Boxed variac

In laboratories, boxed variacs are also used to obtain different voltage values. On the boxed variac, there are voltmeter, ammeter, born terminal blocks where output connections can be made and variac adjustment scale.
Boxed variacs; It is produced between 500VA – 400KVA.

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