What is rectifier? What is the working principle of rectifier?

What is rectifier?

What is Rectifier?

Rectifier as definition; Used for devices that convert the AC mark to a DC mark. Rectifiers are mostly used in industrial applications as well as battery charging operations. It is used in coating processes, electrolysis processes, DC lighting units, welding machines, DC motor feeding, Telecom sectors.

How Rectifier Works? What is the Rectifier Working Principle?

The rectifier works with the help of an isolated transformer to reduce the AC signal to the level of the requested DC signal and then to direct it with diodes or thyristor. Rectifier sample circuit diagram is given below.

What are the Rectifier Control types?

There are variac controlled, thyristor controlled, mosfet controlled (SMPS type) or uncontrolled diode-only types.

Variac Controlled Rectifier Working Principle

Although variant controlled rectifiers are used in some applications, they are rarely preferred because they are heavy, large and bulky.

Thyristor Controlled Rectifier Working Principle

Thyristor controlled rectifiers, the requested output voltage can be adjusted by triggering the voltage decreases by the transformer at the right angle with the control card of the thyristors. This type of rectifier does not change the output voltage despite the mains voltage change or load change. Rectifier welding machine works with the same logic. DC mark quality is increased with the help of L-C filters placed at the output according to the usage area. Click here for more information about thyristor rectifiers.

Diode Rectifier Working Principle

It works with the logic of converting the reduced AC voltages from the transformer to the DC voltage with diodes. Since it is uncontrolled, the output voltage changes with mains voltage change or load change.

Redresör block diagram

Redresör block diagram

SMPS Type Rectifier Working Principle

SMPS Type rectifiers work with the logic of converting the signal converted to DC by means of diodes to the requested DC level by means of ferrite isolated transformers, mosfets and control cards.

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