7.5 kva static stabilizer

7.5 kva static stabilizer


  • refrigerator, television,
    diode laser hair removal device,
    monopolar rf device,
    dermaabrasion devices

7.5 KVA Static stabilizer; used in small businesses, offices and homes. Monophase static regulators are one of the methods to solve the imbalances of the network voltage. RISC type Microprocessor controlled. Thanks to its thyristor-thyristor module structure, correction rates are very high.

Artsan Monophase static regulator is microprocessor controlled and does not contain mechanical parts. Therefore, there is no possibility of malfunction due to wear. Long life.

7.5 kva monophase static regulators offer 10-20% efficiency advantage in idle working conditions compared to a quality servo regulator and 30% efficiency compared to poor quality servo regulators. It pays the price difference between servo regulator with 1 year saving.

On the 2 × 16 LCD screen, information on operating status and past faults can be monitored. Depending on the application, there are models with output sockets.

It is light and small in size. For example; while the servo stabilizer to be used for the houses are 29 kg and 55x40x30 cm, the static stabilizer with the same power weighs 15kg and has the sizes of 24x25x32 cm. In this way, the problem of searching for a place for the regulator in houses and offices has been removed.

In addition, it can be carried easily with the carrying handle. With this feature, it offers great advantages for mobile applications (musicians, welders etc.).

It is an ideal solution especially for home, villa and small office users because of its quiet operation, economic advantages and light and small size.

It provides ideal regulation for diode laser hair removal device, cavitation device, rf device used in beauty centers.

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