ambulance rectifierAmbulance rectifier has minimum 12V – 15Ah battery charge capacity. Depending on the area of use, there are kinds of production capacities that may be needed.

It is small in size and light in weight and can be carried easily. With its isolated transformer and thyristor structure, it is suitable to work under very heavy conditions and the risk of failure is close to zero.

Ambulance battery chargers specially developed for ambulances that have a 220V cable with a sufficient grounded input plug. The output has 2m cables with output clamp or output shoe that provides ease of montage It does not require maintenance. Dry type battery, aqueous type battery, gel battery, Ni-cd etc. has the ability to charge all kinds of batteries.

When the battery charge is full, charging is complete.

Over current, high DC, Over temperature protections are available.

Information about the operating status of the device can be followed by LCD or LED monitor.

RAL9016 White color is suitable for medical devices.

Ambulance RECTIFIER types

12V – 15 Ah ambulance rectifier is used for charging dry type, aqueous type and gel batteries between 75 AH – 150 AH ; 100 AH – 200 AH ; 125 AH – 250 AH.

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