20 kva statik regülatör

20 kva static stabilizer

20 KVA Static Stabilizer Usage Areas

  • Large scale apartments,
  • Villas with 1 phase network,
  • Single-phase industrial machines
  • GSM stations
  • Dental Equipment
  • Hair Removal Devices
  • Industrial coolers
  • Loudspeaker – Sound systems

Artsan brand 20 kva static regulator; It is used to supply constant 220V to electrical devices where the mains voltage is unstable and fluctuates continuously. 1 phase input, 1 phase output. Automatically corrects without user intervention. The terminals can be used for input / output connection, and optionally up to 3 sockets can be used.

20 kva single-phase static regulator; It is manufactured from Semikron brand which is the highest quality brand in the world scale thyristor-thyristor module materials. Microprocessor controlled. As the result of the measurement is regulated in 20 ms intervals, the correction speed is between 2,000 V / sec and 5,000 V / sec depending on the condition of the network and the number of thyristors used.

How does it work?

Makes regulation by DAA method. In case of failure of the regulator with the help of by-pass pako switch on it continues to work. Fuse is used for protection against overcurrent.

There are electronic protections such as excessive heat, low voltage, high voltage, thyristor fault, over current. Automatic by-pass unit can be added according to user request.

20 KVA Static regulator is used to protect against instantaneous peak voltage jumps in the network by means of input and output filters.

Input and output voltages are monitored by LCD panel. Optional options are available to monitor the output current from the LCD panel. In addition, 50 fault information can be accessed from the front panel menu.

Cooling is done by using smart fan system so longer fan life is obtained. Since it does not contain any mechanical parts, it operates silently. This feature is especially preferred in quiet environments such as apartments, offices.

It is small in size and light in weight. It can be easily transported with the help of wheeled structure and carrying handle.

20 kva single phase stabilizer size and weights

Size :  28 x 40 x 52 cm

Weight : 55 kg

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