What is Servo Stabilizer? What is the working principle?

What is Servo Stabilizer?

What is Servo Stabilizer?

What is Servo stabilizer; It performs the function of keeping the mains voltage constant at the standard value. Servo stabilizer, Servo stabilizer, regulates with the help of motor and transformer. The output voltage is continuously measured with the help of microprocessor control board and the motor is rotated in the appropriate direction in case of nominal deviation. The output voltage regulation is made thanks to the voltage given to the buster transformer with the help of the variac connected to the motor. If there is no deviation in the output voltage, the motor is not rotated.

To prevent motor over-rotation, end-limit switches are set at 0 and 360 degrees. There is a high risk of malfunction due to moving parts. It is produced between 1 KVA and 2,000 KVA. Variacs are used in parallel at the powers above 150 KVA. Optional safety is added to provide extra security.

Servo Stabilizer Types

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