r and d services


Our standard products are developed by following technological developments with our experienced R and D staff. Furthermore, our R & D team designs and manufactures products according to the needs of the user.

Microprocessor circuit design and software are custom made for the requested product.

Our products are manufactured in accordance with CE and TSE standards and 2 years warranty against manufacturing defects are given.


  1. 0-5 VAC 5,000 A adjustable current source
  2. Universal stabilizer for ships
  3. 75 KVA 0-400VAC PLC controlled regulated voltage source
  4. Special backup system for RBS
  5. Centrally controlled emergency lighting unit for cinemas
  6. Phase selector unit
  7. Modified standard products (transformer, rectifier, regulator)
  8. Telecom cabinets
  9. Modem supply unit
  10. Uninterrupted projector system
  11. Mains voltage monitoring unit
  12. B-backup unit for ships
  13. Backup unit for power plants
  14. PLC controlled adjustable power supply