What is Regulator Protection Unit?

Protection Unit

What is a protection unit?

It is sold with servo stabilizer. Installed additionally inside or near the stabilizer. Its duty is; If the network goes out of the stabilizer’s correction area, it cuts the energy to the stabilizer so that the devices connected to the regulator do not malfunction. Similarly, in the event of a fault in the regulator, the regulator will de-energize the load if the output voltage rises or decreases excessively. When the output power is cut off, when the output voltages are within normal limits, the contactor is used to reactivate it automatically. If automatic activation is not desired, a compact switch is used to reactivate it by the user.

Lower and upper values of the desired output voltage can be adjusted. In the same way, the contactor or compact switch-on time can be set. The output voltage lower values for Turkey to protect me and 190V 245V high conservation value cut-off time is set to 10 seconds.

Depending on demand, current protection unit, voltage protection unit, transformer heat protection units options are available. Protection units are available as an option for the servo stabilizer but it is standard on the static stabilizer.

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