What IS STABILIZER(regulator)?

what is stabilizer

What is a stabilizer? Stabilizer it is used to protect electrical devices against voltage irregularity in the network. The public is also called as amplifier, voltage regulator, voltage compensator or amplifier transformer. Standard stabilizer have a correction range of 165-250V. However, there is a wide range of correction fields (90-280VAC), narrow correction fields (180 – 240VAC) or special stabilizer fields for customers’ demands.

What are the types of stabilizer?

There are two types of automatic and manual (or gradual). So, what is a manual stabilizer? The first type of stabilizer developed with the first emergence of the stabilizer need is a manual stabilizer. However, automatic stabilizer have been developed as an alternative since step staiblizer create problems in use. These are 3 types among themselves

What are the types of automatic stabilizer?

1- Saturated type stabilizer

2- Automatic servo stabilizer

3- Automatic static stabilizer

What is the definition of these regulators?

The definition of automatic regulators according to their types is as follows.

1- What is a saturated type automatic regulator?

With the help of transformer and capacitor connected to the line, it makes regulation by making use of the saturation of transformer. It is not preferred because it is not produced at high powers.

2- What is Servo Automatic Regulator ?

It makes regulation by the help of variac, buster transformer, motor and control card. Today, the production is up to 2,000 KVA. As the correction unit contains mechanical parts, there is a risk of malfunction over time.

3- What is Static Automatic Regulator?

It is a type of regulator developed on the insufficient correction speed of the servo regulators from the motor bar for sensitive devices. It regulates with thyristor, transformer and control board parts. The correction speed is 5,000 V / s. Automatic static regulators, which were very expensive in the first years of production, nowadays have close to servo regulator prices with the development of technology.

Regulator Circuit Diagram

Regulator circuit diagram has analog and microprocessor types. Analogue circuits are rarely used today. Our company regulators have microprocessor circuit structure. You can reach the regulator circuit diagram by clicking the circuit diagram photo below.

servo regülatör devre şeması
How to connect the regulator?

The regulator connection is very simple. The process is completed by making the necessary cable connection to the terminal which the network will enter and the terminal which the load will be connected. Of course, as the regulator connection will change depending on the type of regulator, detailed information about connection terminals and connection cables must be obtained from the related company. Please click the link below for detailed information about the connection diagram and connection cables of our regulators.