Servo stabilizer repair

Servo stabilizer repair

Stabilizer repair and maintenance of all stabilizer brands are carried out by our expert team of technicians with the help of professional equipment.

Stabilizer repair maintenance process process:

Stabilizer Repair: Fault discovery is made. Defective parts are detected. The cause of the fault is determined. The estimated repair time is subtracted. Pricing is made and the customer is informed. Repair is done with the approval of the customer. All functions are tested after the regulator is repaired. The customer is informed of the cause so that the fault does not recur. If there are measures to be taken, the user will be informed. Static Regulator repair and servo regulator repair of each brand is made.

Stabilizer Maintenance: Regulator maintenance is done for preventive maintenance in case of failure of the stabilizer. Depending on the model of the stabilizer and the agreement made, it can be periodically serviced once a year, twice a year, three times a year and four times a year. Static stabilizer maintenance and servo stabilizer maintenance are not the same due to their different structures.

Servo stabilizer maintenance should be performed more than static stabilizer maintenance since it contains mechanical parts and the risk of failure of these mechanical parts is higher.

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Spare parts for static regulator repair
  • Thyristor module group
  • Microprocessor module group
  • Feeding Unit
  • LCD control unit
  • Sampling card
  • Fan

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